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Personalised Live-In Care Across Worcestershire

Here at Eclipse Homecare, we recognise that circumstances change over time and managing on your own can get increasingly difficult. However, our qualified experts are here to give you the reassurance and lease of life you require if residential care isn’t what you want. Home is where the heart is and our personalised live-in care services can help you remain independent whilst supporting you with day-to-day tasks, personal care or specialist medical attention. Ultimately, it’s about helping you stay in the place you love with those you treasure.

Whether you’re a couple in need of assistance or an individual requiring a helping hand and some companionship, Eclipse Homecare’s personalised live-in care services are available to give you all the help and support you need.


What is Personalised Live-In Care?

Personalised Live-In Care involves one of our highly-trained, qualified professionals living at your home, providing world-class care 24/7. Whether you require personal care, specialist medical attention or meals with certain nutritional requirements, a member of Eclipse Homecare’s dedicated staff is available to meet your needs.

Every bit of support provided by our carers is bespoke to you, taking into consideration your wishes and preferences so as to ensure you retain as much independence as possible - as well as happily living the way you want. From the very beginning, we’ll consult closely with you about exactly what you want and how we can deliver it in a way that adds the best value to you. Of course, we completely understand it can be a daunting thought having someone new living in your home. That’s why we ensure you have a key role in the carer selection process, ensuring you're comfortable with them and that they have a clear understanding of how you like to live.

If you have a specialist condition such as dementia or require specialist medical attention such as palliative care, our highly-trained live-in carers are available to provide all the care and support you need to enhance your quality of life and continue enjoying the comfort of your own home.


Do you offer live-in care for couples?

For couples, there are multiple benefits to personalised live-in care from both a wellbeing and financial perspective. Of course, it chiefly enables people to stay together in their warm, loving home without the need to move into a community retirement facility or, at worst, being divided into separate accommodation. We appreciate that as you move into elderly age, it can become a little harder to move around the home or provide your partner with the level of support they need. We’ll take the stress of this extra care off your shoulders, enabling you both to spend quality time together enjoying life in whatever way you wish.

To do this, we’ll consult with you both on what you require, taking all your needs into account and devising a bespoke solution to give you the exact level of support you need without being intrusive. This will include taking into account a wide spectrum of requirements; alongside personal care we can also provide a carer who is good with pets or able to help reinvigorate your much-loved garden back to life. Nothing is too much trouble.

There are also substantial financial benefits for couples seeking personalised live-in care. It’s certainly a cost-effective way of living that doesn’t require paying for two spaces like you would in a residential care home. Instead, you’re paying for a dedicated carer's time and expertise in a way that is completely bespoke to your requirements. Not only that, but you’re also able to retain an element of independence in the peace and comfort of your own home. With Eclipse Homecare’s personalised live-in care, you can find the right way of maintaining the way you like to live.